Water Flows

The water on the San Juan River has gone from 350 cfm in April to 650 cfm in June.  They are planning to increase the flow June 5th to 2000 cfm and then ramp down starting June 9th.

What does this mean for fishing?  The first day of an increase or decrease is always tough.  The fish have to move to new homes and re-establish themselves.  The water gets stirred up on an increased flow, not so for a decreased flow.  But with some hard work they are catchable.  After the flow has stabilized, the San Juan River fishes awesome.  I like the heavier flows, the big fish come out to play.  They leave their holes in bigger water and you can work the edges with great success!  Just remember to stay up on your weight changes if you are nymphing with different flows.

Until next time, just one more cast…


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