Do you know what I like?  Taking folks fishing that want to learn all aspects of the game.  Todd and I went down the lower part of the San Juan River the other day, Todd has a boat and wants to know the finer points of rowing a boat.  So we went down the river taking turns rowing and fishing.

Rowing a boat for fly fishing is different than rowing for white water!  Watching a good guide rowing a boat is very deceptive, boring you could say.  The skill involved, rowing, reading water, the skill of the folks casting , and the type of fishing going on depends on the guide  with the placement of the boat.  He makes it look effortless!

Todd did really well, only putting me in the trees once.   He asked all the right questions and practiced what we discussed on holding lines, changing lines and reading upcoming water.  Even though we never become experts at fly fishing, Todd is on his way becoming a well rounded angler!


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